Using high-performance drones, SKYWALKER provides a wide range of services
including aerial and underwater video services.

SKYWALKER provides various video services using commercial aerial imaging equipment (and underwater equipment) such as drones. Drones can be equipped with high-resolution cameras and are able to fly close to the ground, allowing for a wider range of means for expressing the subject compared with conventional manned aircraft such as dedicated helicopters.

Aerial Video Services

SKYWALKER achieves high-quality videos with reduced blurring and rattling by successfully merging drone control expertise for stable flight resulting and camera handling techniques including camerawork.
Experience the unique insights SKYWALKER offers through a wealth of operational expertise harnessed by experienced staff.

Kobe Night View [Video]
City of Kobe, Hyogo
This aerial video provided a night view of Kobe Harborland, which is generally difficult to obtain permission to shoot.SKYWALKER obtained special permission to capture the video.

Sandanbeki Cliffs / Engetsu Island [Video]
Shirahama Tourism Association
Sandanbeki Cliffs are located south of the Senjojiki Rocks and tower over the sea at 50 to 60 m tall. Renowned as a symbol of the Shirahama area, Engetsu Island is a spectacular location for aerial photography. 

Amanohashidate, Kyoto by the Sea [Video]
Amanohashidate Tourism Association
Amanohashidate is a particularly special scenic spot regarded as one of Japan’s three best major sightseeing locations. SKYWALKER shot aerial footage of this mysterious natural formation.

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Underwater Video Services

Explore the world beneath the waves! Despite being a genre still in development, SKYWALKER offers various underwater video services using underwater drones capable of reaching depths of up to 100 m.
Using an underwater drone equipped with a high-definition camera, SKYWALKER is able to provide highly accurate underwater video services without ever leaving the shore.

Sea of Japan [Video]
Fisheries-related enterprises
Shot at depths of about 30 meters, this footage was used for a variety of tasks, including investigating fish migrations and observing the ocean floor.

Okinawa [Video]
Research institute
Captured off the coast of Okinawa’s Tokashiki Island at depths of about 15 meters, the video was used for observations of coral reefs and for ecological surveys of sea turtles.

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Drones can be used in a wide variety of applications!

Alternative, more affordable means of capturing video
・TV Series
・Music Videos, etc.
Fresh, affordable video ideas
・Tourism Promotions, etc.
New value and better service
・Bridal, etc.

The list doesn’t end here! Contact SKYWALKER for more ideas on how drones can take your project to new heights.

SKYWALKER’s Video Service Commitments

SKYWALKER is dedicated to implementing thorough safety measures including preliminary checks to ensure safe accident-free video services.
SKYWALKER’s goal is to enhance the quality of videos. Using various capture expertise and equipment, our projects are designed to bring out the appeal of aerial video.